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New Year’s Resolutions – Something to consider?

A large number of people from all walks of life will have made New Year’s Resolutions. Some will have broken them already.

Many people take such things lightheartedly, others take the process very seriously. There will be some the shrug off failure, some that regret making a resolution, some who downplay success. In other words how well someone does with their resolution and how they feel about it will vary greatly.

I tend not to make resolutions, mostly as I know I am not good at keeping them. Also partly as I don’t have a clue what sort of resolution I could really work on.

I am already trying to increase my fitness and reduce my weight, so I can’t make this a resolution. I’m already re-evaluating my career, so again not really resolution material. And I’m already writing more, so again not really working there.

And I am happy with this.

The thing is when you set yourself a New Year’s Resolution do remember what it means to you. Don’t set it too high if failing will hurt. Don’t set it too low if you really want to be stretched and know that failing is a possibility but trying is worth the risk.


  • You set the rules so you get to measure the success
  • You can change the rules, they are yours after all
  • You can keep your resolution secret
  • Failure just means you can try again
  • Some success is still a success

Don’t put yourself under pressure if you know pressure is already high enough. But if you made a New Year’s Resolution good luck with it.

Maybe I’ll make one next year…


Sometimes think about the Dung Beetle

Dung Beetles, there are many varieties but they all have one obvious thing in common. They keep their shit together.

No, seriously, keep reading please.

We have a lot of different pressures in our lives. Beyond the base needs, shelter and food, your needs may vary a lot from mine.

Pressure is natural. We are designed to use pressure to do things. On a simple scale a pressure might be hunger. We feel hungry and need to do something about it. So we go get something to eat.

Each pressure adds to the first. So we have something to eat and it rains, we need shelter. So we look for somewhere dry.

Most of us have a home that shelters us and food is easily found.

Dung Beetle has his shit together, literally – you must have seen him on TV ruling a ball of dung. That is possibly his home and definitely his food. So long as his shit is together he is happy plodding along.

But those pressures keep coming. How do I pay the mortgage/rent? Why am I single? Why am I not single? What school/college/university sould I go to? Or send my children to? Should I have children? Why can’t I have children? Why do people think I ought to want to have children?

The amount, complexity, variety of pressures we have can shrink or build at any time.

Sometimes we can’t cope. It happens.

Maybe, just maybe, when you can’t cope. Think about that Dung Beetle rolling his ball of dung. If he can keep going, so can you. Just keep as much shit under control as you can, as long as you are plodding on. No matter how slowly you are plodding along maybe you are doing OK.

And just maybe Dung Beetle is thinking about you.