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Judge Dredd RPG forum

I have set up a second blog called Judge-Tutor Semple. That blog will be dedicated to Judge Dredd topics, especially my soon to be launched Judge Dredd RPG forum.

I have been in to roleplaying games since 1983. Tabletop, Play by E-mail, Play by Forum, Live Roleplay.

The game will have elements of tabletop. There will be fairly simple character generation rules and the game is turn based. Apart from that it is like most PBEM or PBF game. Each player will post in third person from their character’s point of view.

I don’t know how many players it will attract. To be honest two or three will be fine. More obviously welcome.

More news will come out on this and the other blog nearer launch.


Attention Class

Attention Class.

Hello world!

I’m on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

But none of these really give one a place to just write. Just say anything one might want to say, whether anyone reads it or not.

So I’ve got this account.  Not sure how often I’ll write here or what I’ll write about.